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Welcome to Armol Polymers

We are special makers of silicone transparent tubing, braided hoses, O - rings, diaphragms, bellows, suction cups, butterfly valve gasket, tri-clover gasket, autoclave gasket, wrap hoses, and much more.

Armol Polymers Pvt Ltd (Formerly known as Amul Polymers) was established in the year 2010 in Bengaluru. Our company has been founded by a professional & well-experienced team in the field of the rubber industry. We have strong and in-depth experience in processes, standards, and norms that are followed in rubber industries. Armol polymers are quality assured company to industry-approved standards. The company is recognized throughout most industries as being a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality extruded and moulded components for the majority of fluid & sealing applications.

Why choose us

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and continually develop quality products at a competitive price while fostering climate where environmental technologies can thrive. We wil aservetrive to service our customers with the utmost integrity, and to their complete satisfaction. It is our goal to ensure our mission by continuous self-improvement, growth in our operations and employees, while maintaining profitability to the benefit of our customers, employees, end community. All employees will work together in combining their efforts and skills to ensure our mission and goals are fulfilled courteously.

Our Vision

The vision of Armol polymers is to continue the heritage of our company and be a premier Indian manufacturer of top-quality products. We dedicate ourselves so being the supplier of choice when our type of product is being sought. This vision will be accomplished by sharing the responsibilities of planning and decision-making with all of our employees. Armol polymers will strive to maintain the image it has developed over the many years with its customers, employees, and community as a company of excellence.