Silicone Extruded Door Gaskets

Silicone Extruded Profile Gaskets

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We are a silicone profile manufacturer with over 12 years of extrusion experience.

Silicone Profiles we deliver are always accurate and appropriate in dimensional stability and precise hardness, colour accuracy. In any customized shapes and design with solid silicone gasket (Hardness range from Shore A 40 to 80). We use premium grade Food-Pharma Grade Silicone Rubber in the Production. The gasket's material helps to withstand high temperatures up to 180°C continuously without experiencing any change in its properties. Due to its closed-cell structure silicone is great at water and air sealing with relatively low compressive forces.

At our production face, We have an almost 1000+ range of Profiles, from which you can choose your silicone profile in various classes of silicone.

Some of the most frequently used silicone profiles are E-type, L-type, D-type, P-type, G-type, Star-type, U-type, T-type, Omega, and Trapezoid type profiles.